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Shout out to the NASA SHEDheads who did this one! Via the NASA/ESA Hubble Telescope, astronomers just took a  1.5 billion pixel (1,545.8 mega-pixels) picture of 100 million stars through 40,000 lightyears of the Andromeda Galaxy, our closest neighbor. They did it by bringing together 7,398 individual exposures of our night sky. That’s between 700 and 800 smart TV’s worth of picture.

Mind = Blown
NASA = Justified!

Now, look for yourself. Check out the zoom-able version here and be amazed!


SHED Happens! Biological Stealth Fighter Jets

Other species, not just humans, have arms races. Most of the time, these races don’t involve laser beams and lightsabers, but they do involve some fancy adaptations. Adaption can work at astonishing rates and bats and moths have long been a favorite predator prey relation of scientists who enjoy following such things. Moths are fancy fliers who take pride in eluding the bat’s sonar pulse, but one bat is getting on stealthy on them! Continue reading SHED Happens! Biological Stealth Fighter Jets

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This little baby kick starts 80% of planet Earth (statistical fact checking = false). All hail caffeine!
This little baby kick starts 80% of planet Earth (statistical fact checking = false). All hail caffeine!

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